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modul 9

1.You have decided to install your new Linux distribution by using the bootable CD that came with it. What must be configured before you can boot from the CD?
Hard drive

2. You are installing RedHat 7.2 and have decided to use the installation class called "Workstation". Which of the following packages will not be installed? (Select two.)
X Windows
*Telnet daemon
*HTTP daemon
Vi editor
Sendmail daemon

3. Which of the following would be standard file system types that Linux would use during an installation? (Select two.)

4. You have formatted a drive while doing a Linux installation for a production server. The formatting revealed that there were several bad blocks. You see that the bad blocks make up about four percent of the total disk. Which of the following would be the best course of action?
reformat the drive with a high level format
reformat the drive with a low level format
*replace the drive
mark the blocks as "bad" and continue the installation

5. You would like to perform a high-level format on a hard disk. Which of the following Linux commands will accomplish this?

6. You have tried to install a particular RedHat package but it keeps telling you that it has a "failed dependency". What would cause this error?
The package depends on certain user input.
The package depends on operating system input.
*The package depends on another package being installed.
The package depends on hardware that is not present in the computer.

7. When is the root account typically created in Linux?
at first login
*during NOS installation
when configuring NOS user accounts
after user accounts are created

8. Which statement correctly describes shadow passwords?
They allow users to have two different passwords.
They are stored in encrypted form in /etc/passwd.
They are stored in encrypted form in a file all users can read.
*They are stored in a file which is not accessible by all users.

9. Which term describes the Linux superuser account?
power user

10. Where, on a Linux server, would you find the main password file that is readable by any logged-in user?

11. You are setting up a Linux workstation and you would like it to automatically get all of the correct IP settings as soon as it boots. Which protocol should you set the workstation to use to accomplish this?
Default Gateway

12. Which of the following are valid boot loader options for most Linux installations? (Select two.)
RPM Loader

13. Which of the following can be set within the LILO configuration file?
an option to ask for a DNS server
*an option to clear the /tmp directory at boot
an option to boot to runlevel 5
an option to use DHCP

14. You have successfully installed your Linux server but notice that it only seems to be using 64 megabytes of RAM. You know that there are actually 128 megabytes of RAM in the server. How can you force Linux to use the full 128 megabytes of RAM?
adjust the RAM setting in the BIOS
create a file called SYSRAM in /etc
*put the actual amount of RAM in the LILO configuration file
manually enter the amount of RAM in the /dev directory

15. What is the name of the X Windows package that is supplied with most distributions of Linux?
X Windows

16. You have successfully installed your Linux workstation complete with working X Windows. However, your supervisor tells you that you should check for a new video driver. Why might you want to do this?
RedHat writes their own video drivers but factory ones are better.
*The manufacturer may have improved the performance with new drivers.
Specific video drivers are not included on the distribution disks.
All of the video drivers on the distribution disks are limited to 800 x 600 resolution.

17. You are installing X Windows on your RedHat server. Which command would be similar to what you would need to type at the command prompt in order to install X Windows?
dpkg -i xserver-xfree86_4.0.2-7_i386.deb
install -UvH X-Windows_4.0.2-7_i386
*rpm -Uvh XFree86-server-4.0.2-11.i386.rpm
tarrpm -Uvh XFree86-server-4.0.2-11.i386.tar

18. Where would the driver files for Xfree86 be stored?

19. Which command will terminate an X Windows session and present the user with a text mode login prompt?
init 5
*telinit 3
xstop 3
telinit 5

20. You have installed X Windows version 4.0.x and it will not work. Which of the following could be used to reconfigure it? (Select two.)

21. Focus-follows-mouse and click-to-focus are two types of focus models. Which software would be responsible for configuring an X Windows installation to use one of these models?
desktop environment
environment variables
*windows manager
mouse driver

22.You would like to install the samba program on your Linux machine. You have located the file samba-2.0.7.tar.gz. Which command should you use to completely unpack the files in this package?
gunzip samba-2.0.7.tar.gz
tar -xvf samba-2.0.7.tar.gz
*tar -xvzf samba-2.0.7.tar.gz
gunzip -xvf samba-2.0.7.tar.gz

23. You are examining lilo.conf and see a line that says "prompt". What will this command prompt a user for?
a password
*an operating system
a username
boot parameters

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