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1. What is a characteristic of a scalable network?
100% uptime
redundant links
*easy expansion
multiple backup devices

2. What is the primary function of the NOC at a large ISP?
installing equipment at a customer site
setting up customer accounts and passwords
*monitoring and testing customer network connections
entering customer requirements in an order-tracking database

3. What is used by a routing protocol to determine the best path to include in the routing table?
Convergence time
Default distance
Type of router

4. In an IPv4 environment, what information is used by the router to forward data packets from one interface of a router to another?
*destination network address
source network address
source MAC address
well known port destination address

5. Which statement describes a route that has been learned dynamically?
*It is automatically updated and maintained by routing protocols.
It is unaffected by changes in the topology of the network.
It has an administrative distance of 1.
It is identified by the prefix C in the routing table.

6. What routing protocol would be appropriate to use for exchanging routes between ISPs?

7. At which layer of the OSI model is the Ethernet family of technologies defined?
Layer 1
*Layer 2
Layer 3
Layer 4
Layer 5
Layer 6
Layer 7

8. Which two services are required to enable a computer to receive dynamic IP addresses and access the Internet using domain names? (Choose two.)
9. Which combination of network address and subnet mask allows 62 hosts to be connected in a single subnet?
Network address Subnet mask
Network address Subnet mask
*Network address Subnet mask
Network address Subnet mask

10. Refer to the exhibit. Which subnet mask would accommodate the number of hosts shown for each subnetwork with the least amount of IP addresses wasted?

11. Refer to the exhibit. Devices need to connect to the file server from remote networks. What method should be used to provide the file server with an IP address to allow these connections?
*static NAT
static PAT
dynamic NAT
dynamic PAT

12. While configuring PAT on a Cisco ISR, a network technician defines the IP address of the router interface that connects to the ISP. This address will be the translated address for all Internet traffic from inside hosts. What is this IP address called?
inside local address
*inside global address
outside local address
outside global address

13. What does the command RA(dhcp-config)# dns-server accomplish?
allows RA to act as a DNS relay agent
allows RA to be configured as a DNS server
identifies the default gateway address that is used to reach the DNS servers
*enables DHCP clients to use the specified IP addresses as DNS servers

14. The show ip route command was executed on one of the routers shown in the graphic and the following output was displayed:

C is directly connected, Serial0/0
R [120/1] via, 00:00:19, Serial0/0
R [120/2] via, 00:00:20, Serial0/1
R [120/2] via, 00:00:20, Serial0/1
C is directly connected, Serial0/1

From which router was this command executed?

15. Refer to the exhibit. R1 and R2 are configured with the commands that are displayed. All interfaces are properly configured, but neither router is receiving routing updates. What two things can be done to solve the problem? (Choose two.)
*Configure the routing protocol on R1 for network
*Configure the routing protocol on R2 for network
Configure the routing protocol on R1 for network
Configure the routing protocol on R1 for network
Configure the routing protocol on R2 for network
Configure the routing protocol on R2 for network

16. Refer to the exhibit. A NOC technician at an ISP enters the command c:\ping What are two reasons to use this command? (Choose two.)
map the path to
*test reachability to
locate connectivity problems along the route to
identify ISPs that interconnect the NOC and remote host with IP
*measure the time that packets take to reach and return to the technician's workstation

17. Refer to the exhibit. A ping command is issued on workstation A to determine if workstation B can be reached. What two events will occur if this command is successful? (Choose two.)
The router will reply to the echo request with a proxy ping response.
Workstation A will send a UDP ping request message to workstation B.
The router will send a TCP acknowledgment message to workstation A.
Workstation B will send a UDP ping reply message to the router.
*Workstation A will send an ICMP echo request message to workstation B.
*Workstation B will send an ICMP echo reply message to workstation A.

18. Refer to the exhibit. What does the highlighted value 120 represent?
the number of hops between the router and network
*the administrative distance of the routing protocol
the UDP port number that is used for forwarding traffic
the bandwidth that is allocated to the serial interface

19. Refer to the exhibit. If the show cdp neighbors command is issued on RTB, which devices will appear in the output if all devices use the Cisco IOS and have CDP enabled?
*RTA, RTC, Sw2
RTA, RTC, Sw1, Sw2, Sw3
RTA, RTC, Sw1, Sw2, Sw3, PC1, PC2

20. Which protocol allows secure in-band management so that a network administrator can monitor and configure network devices without fear of any passwords being compromised?

21. Which mode does a router enter when no configuration file is located in NVRAM?
global configuration
privileged exec

22. If the configuration register is currently set to 0x2102, what is the first action that a router will take after the bootstrap program loads successfully?
*load the IOS from flash
load the IOS from NVRAM
load the IOS from the TFTP server
load the startup configuration file from flash
load the startup configuration file from NVRAM
load the startup configuration file from the TFTP server

23. Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is unable to ping H1 from the router and is checking the cabling along the network. Which segment is incorrectly cabled?
Segment A
Segment B
Segment C
*Segment D

24. Refer to the exhibit. Router R1 has been configured with the commands that are displayed. Which fact can be determined from the configuration?
*All passwords are encrypted.
The privileged EXEC mode password is “password1.”
The router can support four Telnet sessions simultaneously.
The router can be accessed from the console without using any password.

25. Refer to the exhibit. While configuring the serial interface of a router, the network administrator sees the highlighted error message. What is the reason for this?
The serial interface is administratively down.
The serial interface is already configured with an IP address.
*The network administrator has attempted to configure the serial interface with a broadcast address.
The same IP address has been configured on another interface.

26. Refer to the exhibit. A technician uses the SDM application to configure router R1. Which step should be taken by the technician to enable the Fa0/0 interface on R1 to participate on the connected local network?
Enable a DHCP server on the Fa0/0 LAN interface.
*Configure the appropriate IP address on the Fa0/0 interface.
Configure IP addresses for the primary and secondary DNS server.
Configure the starting and ending IP addresses for the DHCP pool but exclude the Fa0/0 IP address.

27. Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator uses the command below to configure a default route on RTB:

RTB(config)# ip route fa0/0

A ping issued from PC3 is successful to RTB. However, echo request packets arrive at PC1 but the echo replies do not make it back to PC3. What will fix this problem?
RTA must be configured to forward packets to the network.
*The ip route command needs to be edited so that the next hop address is
The ip route command needs to be edited so that the address is the next hop address.
The ip route command should be removed from the RTB router configuration.
Another default route should be configured on RTA with a next hop address of

28. Which type of cable may be used for backbone cabling between data centers that are located on different floors and that are separated by a distance of 1640 feet (500 meters)?

29. A network engineer is planning a new horizontal cable installation in an office building. What advantage would UTP cable have over fiber optic cable for this installation?
*lower installation costs
better protection from EMI
higher transmission speeds
longer unrepeated distance between endpoints

30. What is the maximum unrepeated distance set by industry standards for UTP cable?
10 meters
75 meters
*100 meters
325 meters

31. What are three features of the TCP protocol? (Choose three.)
*It provides retransmission of data packets if they are lost during transmission.
It is a connectionless protocol.
*It uses a three-way handshake between the sending and receiving systems to establish each conversation.
*It specifies how messages are reassembled at the destination host.
It requires only 8 bytes of overhead.
It breaks the data packet into datagrams.

32. A company is developing an Internet store for its website. Which protocol should be used to transfer credit card information from customers to the company web server?

33. In the URL, what is identified by wwwdocs?
the server name where the resource is located
the protocol that is used for the resource request
the domain name of the server that is being accessed
*the folder where the requested resource is stored

34. A small company wishes to provide e-mail accounts for its users. For insurance reasons the company wants to ensure that proper mail retention policies are followed. The company wants to ensure that all e-mail is backed up regularly, but it does not want the users to have to perform this backup themselves. Which protocol would meet the needs of the company?

35. Which AAA process requires users to prove their identity with a username and password to gain access to a network?

36. Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator has an extra router and wishes to use it as shown to passively monitor network traffic. Which IOS feature should be implemented on router EXTRA?

37. Which networking service is used to provide name to IP address mapping?

38. What is an example of a dedicated point-to-point WAN link?
Frame Relay

39. A small tire retailer requires a low-cost WAN connection to its headquarters in order to manage its inventory and process customer sales in real time. Which WAN connection type is best suited to its needs?
leased line

40. Refer to the exhibit. Router Left is unable to ping router Right. The show interfaces serial 0/0/0 command indicates that the interface is up but the line protocol is down on both routers. Which action could be taken to establish connectivity between the two routers?
Configure S0/0/1 instead of S0/0/0 on router Right.
Enter the encapsulation hdlc command on router Right.
Contact the service provider to report that the circuit is down.
Contact the service provider to enable PPP on the WAN circuit.
*Enter the no encapsulation ppp command on router Left S0/0/0.

41. A network technician wants to restore a backup copy of the saved configuration file on a router from a TFTP server. After restoring the file from the TFTP server, the technician reloads the router and finds that it still has the old configuration file instead of the restored file. What could have caused this?
The technician entered the command delete flash: before reloading the router.
The technician entered the command boot system rom before reloading the router.
The technician entered the command erase startup-config before reloading the router.
*The technician failed to enter the command copy running-config startup-config before reloading the router.

42. A company functions from Monday to Friday each week. Their backup strategy calls for full backups each Friday night, with differential backups on all other weekday nights. If an administrator is asked to restore a server hard drive to its Wednesday morning state, how many backups must be used?

43. A small company has contracted with its ISP for web hosting. Which two items would be included in the SLA for this service? (Choose two.)
web server cost
*(service availability
operating system on the web server
web server model and configuration

44. A building has experienced a power outage. When the power returns, none of the devices on one floor can access the Internet. The network administrator checks the switch in the IDF that these devices are connected to and notes that the SYST LED on the front of the switch is amber.

What is a possible cause of this problem?
The switch is functioning properly.
*The switch has failed POST.
The switch configuration file was not saved to NVRAM.
The connection between the switch and the server did not autonegotiate speed and duplex properly.

45. How does an SNMP trap aid network monitoring and management?
It reports to the management station by responding to polls.
It collects information for the management station by using polling devices.
*It sends an alert message to the management station when a threshold is reached.
It flags attempts to begin a DoS attack on the network.

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